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Type: Branded crackers

Founded: 1923

Headquaters: 6 Maloney St. Mount Lambert, Trinidad W.I.

Industry: Food

Parent: Bermudez
CRIX Cracker


The Bermudez Family came to Trinidad at the turn of the century and became involved in manufacturing Water Crackers and cookies in 1923. At first, only 'Water Crackers' were made and very little machinery was used, most of the production was manual. The ovens were built of bricks and used firewood fuel. Water Crackers and Cookies at the time were packed by hand into wooden barrels and later on in steel drums, which gave birth to the steel band.

During the 1930's the company began distributing its products throughout the island directly to the shops, a practice which still exist today.

During the 2nd World War exports began just to Grenada an d St. Vincent and as the years progressed to the islands of Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St. Kitts and to Guyana.

Today, Bermudez Crackers and Cookies are made in a modern automated facility and the brandnames Bermudez and Crix are household names throughout the Caribbean Islands.


Two Generations later faced with borderless trading, Bermudez made strategic investments outside of the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

In 1996 Bermudez formed a strategic alliance in the island of Barbados an in 1998 another investment was made in Jamaica.

There are now three Plants manufacturing and distributing Crackers and Cookies in strategic locations, a Salty Plant and a Bread and Cake Plant located in the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

This organization provides employment for 2500 persons. A very strong distribution network has developed in the southern and northern Caribbean region with a population reach of six million people servicing some 50,000 trade channels with 500 vehicles, delivering, ON TIME, freshly baked products on a daily basis to customers.


In addition to their traditional design of one regular cracker, Crix have been produced in many different varieties since they were first introduced. The following list is simply a guide to some of the more notable and recent variations.

  • Original Crix - The initial recipe and parent to a line of taste-bud-stimulating products.
  • Crix Multi Grain - A combination of various types of grain.
  • Crix Whole Wheat - The addition of wheat into the standard receipe.

    The company designed a revolutionary way of introducing this healthy product to the younger generation, with its new concept of "Crix Minis," this unique bite size snack in grab-and-go packaging.
  • Crix minis (Pepper Cheese) - A spicy combination of cheese and the original recipe to appeal to your taste buds.
  • Crix minis (Cheese & Spinach) - A mix of spinach and cheese coupled with the traditional crix taste.

Wholewheat CRIX
Multigrain CRIX
Orginal CRIX
Peppercheese Mini CRIX
Cheese and Spinach Mini CRIX

*Not all are available in every country.


Flour, soybean oil, salt, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, yeast


Crix can be used to compliment almost any dish. It also works well as a meal on its own.
From the mundane, such as, cheese, butter and jam - to the unusual, such as bhagi, salfish, avocado and peppersauce.
No matter the combination, Crix is guaranteed to be tasty treat!

Famous Crix recipies

1 Crix and Cheese (all time # 1)
2 Crix and avacado
3 Crix and jam
4 Crix and suasage
5 Crix and Tuna or Bruinswick Sardine
6 Crix and saltfish
7 Crix and smokeherring
8 Crix and egg
9 Crix and curry
10 Crix and water


Crix was Invented by Jose Maria Bermudez and family after the migrated from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago in 1921.
Distribution began throughout the region by the early 1930's during the World War.
Crix Wholewheat and Multigrain were Introduced in the late 1980's.
Bermudez is the leading Buscuit Company in Trinidad and Tobago and has won many awards including the
"Service Excellence Award"
for the best in organization, maintenance and On-time daily delivery of Freshly baked products including CRIX which can be found INTERNATIONALLY, REGIONALLY and LOCALLY at any leading supermarket or outlet.

Special thanks to Mr. Reeza Burke, Ms. Radica Manraj-Lewis and the entire Bermudez family.

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